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Polyurethane Cast Resin and Epoxy Cast Resin

At CEM we utilise the latest technology in computerised metering and dispensing equipment to maintain correct mix ratios in a wide range of products for indoor distribution switchgear up to 36kV. All casting is also controlled by state-of-the-art temperature controllers.

Polyurethane Cast Resin
A two-component polyurethane casting system designed for the manufacture of power distribution equipment such as switchgear components and power transmission.

Liquid Epoxy Cast Resin
At CEM we utilise a two-part electrical casting system which is suitable for insulators, bushings, switchgear and transformers. It has excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

Solid Epoxy Cast Resin
CEM recognises that there are many modern epoxy resins which are in the liquid state prior to processing. These offer the advantage of minimum wastage and rapid processing times, but they do not suit every application.

Although CEM uses these types of resin for certain items of insulators, in some applications CEM considers it technically desirable to continue to use an epoxy resin which is a solid at room temperature prior to processing. This system has a proven track record stretching over 50 years in electromechanical applications and fully meets the requirements of BS3816 when used for indoor applications.


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